August 07, 2021

New Chibi Clear stamp Tutorial - Copic background



Eivor here again. Today I will show you a tutorial on how to do a little darker, maybe little Halloween-background with copics. For this card I used the new released Chibi clear stamp "Too cute to spook". It is a lovely stamp and it is a 4x4 set so you also get other stamps that are perfect for Halloween or Autumn card in the set.

Hope you have checked out the shop and seen all the new stamps Stampers Delights released this weekend. 

I have, as I mentioned earlier colored the background with copics. I wanted a kind of dark, little different, sky so I tried some other colors than usually, I hope you like it. I think it is perfekt for a little spoooooky card.

Here above I want to show you the stamp set with all the lovely stamps you get. I do love the different text stamps! You can find the stamp HERE in the shop.

So to my background tutorial. 

First color I used is YG97. I color close to the image. I like it to be darkest, a shadow. 

Then I take YG95 and go over the YG97 and extending a little. 

I then go back and color over the the area closest to the image with YG97 again.

Then it is time for YG95 again and now I color most of the paper, to the edges. I go from the edges to the middle and then from the image and out to the middle, to the edges. 

My last green color is YG93. With this I go over all the area I colored and also a bit higher from the YG93, so the green is little higher up on the image. The grass/ground finished.

Now it is time for the sky.
I start at the top of the paper with BV08. I just color...back and forward over the paper and as wide I like.

Next color is RV19. I go over BV08 and down on the paper. Leaving some small white spaces. 

V06 is the third color and with that I go over the RV19 and continue little down the paper but not all the way to the green. Save a little space for our last color.

So last color, V05. Go over what you colored with V06 and then the hole way down to the green. 

After this I do a second layer with all colors in the same way, BV08, RV19, V06 and V05. 

I hope you liked my tutorial, and I hope you try to create your own background. If you do, please share it in Stampers Delights Fan Group

Thank you for stoping by today. I hope you visit Stampers Delights blog soon again, it is coming more inspirations from the team.

We also hope you sign up and join our monthly Progressive FB Challenge. It is a super super cute image this month. 

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